A Pivotal Moment: How to Achieve Localization in Global Health

  1. Make Technical Assistance for Capacity Strengthening Responsive and Demand Driven
HP+ assisted 16 countries to develop, implement, and monitor multi-stakeholder informed costed implementation plans for family planning — multi-year roadmaps designed to help countries achieve their family planning goals.
HP+ supported the West African Health Informatics Team to expand the capacity of regional health informatics experts and strengthen health information systems for the ECOWAS region. The team built the ECOWAS COVID-19 dashboard.
A network led by Indigenous women in Guatemala, ALIANMISAR, works to improve the quality and cultural acceptability of healthcare services for their communities, ensuring services are non-discriminatory and provided in both Spanish and the local Mayan language.
In Indonesia’s Gowa district, the government launched its first public-private partnerships (PPPs) to support a maternity waiting home in South Sulawesi.
In Tanzania, training participants learn more about the Motion Tracker tool, a civil society-led approach for strengthening accountability and driving action to achieve FP2020 commitments.



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Health Policy Plus

Health Policy Plus


USAID-funded project strengthening and advancing health policy priorities in family planning/reproductive health, HIV, and maternal health http://bit.ly/2gmBsPw